Thursday, November 21, 2013

Considerable revisions and visualizations and additions today.
Here is as follows.
Opposition from the missus (damn close enough)
Beckett looked at him- then, back at the board. Then, back at him. It took her under a minute to see it.
She studied the flow chart in mock scholarity.
"You know, this is perfect. Except for one thing."
She leaned in to whisper, against his very eardrums.  "You can't back up a damn thing."
A thought hit him. "We know he's not part of the car culture, then- but where did he source all the carbon? Hundred k of it doesn't just appear in some tuner's garage." He thought about it. "Pull up the VIN on the car. Why did nobody think about this? He started with some POS. That much, I know."
And then he thought about it again. He remembered back to the 458 Mansory he rented once, out in California. "Every CF part manufactured in real-name tuner shops has a unique number, in case of defects. Find the number, find the dealer, find the killer."
He leaned over the desk. "Ryan? Get the number on the drivetrain, will you, man?"
"And the drivetrain of all parts because..."
"Because almost nobody makes a goddamn carbon fiber drivetrain! But this guy did, I'm sure, he's got a few large just on the mirrors."

Unplotted Rivalry
Ryan leaned into the car and looked around. He had never liked cars, since he wrecked one back in high school. Thousands, hundreds of hours just covering the down payment on a fancy car his parents got him for Christmas which had already been taken off to the junkyard.
All cars end up in junkyards, eventually, and then there's no difference between a Buick and a Bugatti.
Es Bosido knew that same thought.
"We need to take him down an inch or two."
Ryan nodded. wn an inch or two."
Ryan nodded.

the SUV
they raced to the adress written on the tailpipe of the wreckage. Ryan found it looking for the number on the drivetrain, which he still hadn’t plugged in.
She sighed. Maybe his-
"Beckett!" He threw her to the floor before the first bullet left the barrel. In seconds, the Challenger Hemi 392 was just bullet holes and corrugated metal.
From above, from around, from next to them came the men with the massive rounds, filling the police cruiser with lead.
And she thought this would be an easy mission
He took the wheel. The car swerved through the little alley. The side mirrors ripped off. Shots ripped through the back seats. He kept driving. She took the gun out of the holster.
No- fuck it, she damn well did have the right to use it.
Trembling, her fingers found the AR180 and pulled it, pointed it through the back window-
The alley was ending.
Castle jolted up onto her and ducked as grenades rolled off the hood-
"Use that." She jerked her head in agreement and shot up the SUV behind them-
The reinforced glass eventually gave way. The SUV was giving up, but the shots were never ending. She grabbed another cartridge from under the seat.
He flew into incoming traffic and strutted over the curb, the body kit holding up the exhaust-
The massive Hemi drowned out the SUV with the broken glass.
More shots from the left- a car from the right
"Near the base," Beckett reassured him. She threw the gun at his face and he aimed the heavy assualt rifle through the windshield.
The run-flat Pirelli slicks of a carbon-fiber black Cobra wheezed air. The car bashed through an incoming mail truck and took heavy damage to the- everything.
He needed to get her back if it cost him his life.
He motioned. She threw him a cartridge. He skidded through three red lights, and-
The station was a stone throw away.
Shit, he needed to get in the other lane. He hooked it in sixth gear. The tires only had, five, ten seconds before they gave-
Thousands of pounds of metal, glass and flesh tumbled over the moving traffic-
The SUV came to a rumbling stop under the police station, then-
"Go! GO!" Fifty policemen shot at the SUV. Whoever was inside needed to get taken out before they all went?
A construction bulldozer was ten, twenty feet away, but it was empty, and all the men had gone home to their family and children--
Es Bozido bolted to the fence. Ran through the fence. Smashed though the windscreen. Floored the gas and heaved the massive machinery to the station. Picked it up. Went over the curb. Took it to the other side of the street when.
His body gave out when the first explosion rocked New York.
The car exploded, a massive forty-gallon tank throwing volatile toxic through four lanes. He fell to the floor.
Castle's first thought was to get the EMT.
Beckett's first thought was- she lost control of the fine edges of vision, and disappeared into a methodology in which she had control merely- over- nothing.
The EMTs hauled the unresponsive body out of the cockpit and hauled ass down to the hospital.
Beckett grabbed the keys. They all ran. o the hospital.
Beckett grabbed the keys. They all ran. o the hospital.
Beckett grabbed the keys. They all ran.

white dreams so far and true
"It's impossible to accept because he never was only a man." Tears flooded Ryan's eyes. Through the face of malice and death, there was always the man who he had come to know as closely as a brother.
With the unbearable reality impounding them, Castle gained transparency infinitely.  The man he knew was now at the edges of death. From a man who they did not know. From a man they knew closely, came the unbreakable sadness.
They had been without sleep for three days. When they heard only the thick, loud beep, and decided it was time to go home.

unplotted downbeat- tempo section
Insert the usual dinner scene with Castle and Beckett. Put Castle's mother out of town on a meeting with a friend. Have her hear of the news and come rushing to the hospital.  Add a fake call from the hospital telling them Es Bosido is dead. Have there be a massive downpour. Have them tell all their stories, and why life without him will be difficult, as a friend, as a brother, as a co-worker. Bring in the killer, who is seen only in a black coat. He pays condolences to the man and leaves. When he leaves, they all realize he is the killer. (Insert clue which makes the reader gasp.)
And then Es Bosido comes staggering in and looks in at the scene. (To a degree, like the episode with the dead look-a-likes.) Make them realize the man with the black coat made a fake sculpture of Es Bosido. He comes out of the hospital with some scarring and stiches, and mild flashbacks.
Have him realize a clue which later defines the novel.
Intertwine this with the story in notebook.

Boss 302 Show Cars

carbon fiber hood

carbon fiber doors

carbon fiber deck panel

twin turbocharger kit

chop roof 1"

hood pins, carbon fiber and steel

Forgiato custom carbon fiber rims

K&N cold air intakes

car-specific digital tuner

P Zero Corsas

thicker sway bar- carbon fiber

carbon fiber driveshaft

carbon fiber front spoiler setup

custom grille

tint glass

shaker scoop, carbon fiber

accuair setup

hard track shocks

nitrous setup

carbon fiber roof

carbon fiber side mirrors

5 degree rear camber

Borla exhuast, quad

Recaro seats, 2

carbon fiber rear spoiler, adjustable
carbon fiber hood vents
full LED kit
hidden M16 in grille

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