Wednesday, December 18, 2013

I wrote this a couple years ago, indicating the gradual progression of my abilities in this field. 


as if craze taketh control,
grabbing by the reins,
it will not let go.

allow it to be 
always there.
At the door, in my mind in...
those weary words fail to grasp it.
or do they?

if i cannot escape it,
should it run free?
should we be separated?
once gone, it never comes back.
 could one escape its haunt, and begone from it forever?

it dominates our souls,
forms the American dream itself.
gives us something to live for, to die for, and to carry on.

To explore. To learn to dream.
It is inherently human...
Or is it? Could it be simply ambition leading us?

Tis an unfailing rememberance, motto, mantra-
When all else fails, there is always more.

Ambition is what makes things happen.
It's the first just do it.
It's what built my father's house- and what built my house, and what will build
My son's house.
It makes us more-
Earth shakers. House builders. Innovators.
It turns the invention of life, into...

Purpose and direction. It opens
The gates of creativity---
Without it, we would be blind, all humans who walk this earth.

It pushes the cart of humanity through the streets-

There is no destination.

Dig deep into a successful man's lfe.

Everyone is born with it.
But how do we fester it?
How do we kindle our fire of dreams?
How do we build the bridge?

Those who know the corresponding
Already, the necessary connections

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