Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Demolishing Socioeconomic Stereotypes: No. 1

(I wrote this a while back, on an unrelated tangent, as a matter of discussion with a friend.)

To The Issuer Of The Claim,

            As a general note, when making bold claims such as the one argued against below, it is necessary to provide some degree of backing. Without such, one fails to swing anyone's opinion, and may come across as ignorant. Without strong evidence, a strong opinion is nonexistent; no one can truly have an opinion without any awareness of the topic.

            While various pieces of evidence may seem to support the claim of Republicans having no moral basis, there is a certain degree of bandwagoning with which one must follow, to arrive upon such a conclusion. When considering the notion that all Republicans are against gay marriage, one must view the larger picture- as they say, "broad minded"- to make the above claim reasonable and believable. Furthermore, the stereotype that no Republicans have concern for the environment is also lacking of sufficient backing- if any.

            As shown by the website, a large percentage of Republicans and other conservatives alike are taking initiative to care for the environment. Furthermore, it is worth asking where and when the notion that Republicans do not care for the environment originated. Anyone with a computer or observation skills will eventually realize and recognize that the vast majority of Republicans care for the environment. To put more sharply, environmental issues are not even a top priority for Democrats (Little Consensus).
            There are millions of Republicans supporting gay marriage, and the rights of any and all homosexual couples wishing to pursue marriage (Growing Support). When considering an all, or always, sort of claim, one must ensure that all members of the alleged group support or do not support that cause. Such care was not taken in issuing the claim that no Republicans want to allow homosexual marriage. Therefore, it is also incorrect to pursue the notion that Republicans are morally inferior to Democrats for this reason, reducing the claim to falsehood, until counterevidence is to be issued.

           With all due disrespect,
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