Tuesday, December 17, 2013



0_ is working for Sean for hire, gaining refuge after assassinating President
Rania also working for Sean, as a status symbol
Comm= communications
Sean- internationally acclaimed hitman; wants to eliminate gang which first ambushed him 20 years ago
PD- precision drivers, contracted by 0_.
Desk- the various desk workers gathering intel for Sean

Chase No. 2 Outline
The comm announces something
Sean thrown in a car, to drive
0_ takes a hard right, toward the HQ, Rania stays at their base, Freddy goes with Sean
PD’s spread out
PD1- throws bomb into stores along the street
Sean now drives under a semi, on a red light, taking a left
PD2- reaches the highway
PD3- swerves just in front of semi, causing it to topple over, blocking traffic
Rania leaves their base
Sean accelerates through the bridge; long straight- cops arrive (police station near the bridge)
Freddy leans out window, shooting at police cars
PD4 J-turns, on the bridge, causing remaining police cars to lose control
Sean gets out of the car, Freddy keeps driving
0_ speeds  through five green lights
0_ can see the HQ
0_ shoots at Crims, who lose control of Humvee and collide into Crim HQ
PD1- drives up freeways on wrong side of the road
PD1- cars swerve, lose control, honking; throws brick at civilian car, causing 50 car pileup
Rania- code word. Car is hot, 0_.
0_ takes 270-degree bootlegger’s turn, jumps from the car
0_ smashes through the window and  gains control of E63 AMG using force
PD3- arrives at sewer drainage hole, parks over it
Sean- shoots up café, where most gang members are located
Freddy runs over spike strip established by police
Freddy calls in on comm for reinforcement
Desk eliminates all police cars on Freddy using available supply of drones
0_ looks behind him; gang HQ ignites from leaking tank
PD4- now utilizes bootlegger’s turn, heading toward 0_
0_ smashes through window of E63, wrestles with Ducati driver,
0_ throws Ducati driver at the biker
Ten armed bikers catch up with 0_, launch heavy shooting
PD2- now reaches other sewer drainage, abandons car, runs to panel van
PD2- gets in panel van, parks it over the sewer drainage
Freddy- now reaches sewer; climbs in, heavily armed
Desk- using surveillance drones, sees that no Crims have left the building
Desk-  At once, heavy fire of flammable rounds ignite neighboring buildings
Rania- seen parked in the garage, waiting
0_ sees a drone on him; shoots it
0_ abandons motorcycle, hijacks SUV in parking lot
0_ now runs over stunned bikers
0_ now runs through house, into the parking garage
0_ lands on Rania’s car; jumps from car; they drive away

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